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Thanh Tran

Pixel Paint Photography Galleries - Thanh Tran

Fair Lawn, NJ


Although it's intricate details weren't apparent to me when I was very young, I've always been amazed with photography.

Through photographs, we preserve history - our child's first steps, a decaying landscape, or something rare and never seen before that's captured our imagination. We use photographs to preserve our finest achievements, our darkest hours, but most importantly the moments we cherish. Photographs evoke the essence of places we have not been, we perhaps will not return to, and should never forget.

With a photograph, I can bring someone from his or her spot on the globe to mine. They can stand with me in the midst of a pine forest or walk in hushed silence through the country time forgot. In reverse, through the images of others, I have walked across hot, sandy deserts; I have stood on immense mountaintops, and pushed my way through steamy rainforests. Photographs have introduced me to families, mothers and fathers I have never met, and told the story of lives intertwined forever. In short, photographs connect me to my past, let me dream of endless possibilities and most important of all, bring a friend along for the ride!

"Photography is only a tool, a vehicle, for expressing or transmitting a passion in something else." - David Hum


Lone Plumeria by Thanh Tran


Good Old Tractor by Thanh Tran


Thai Elephant Roar by Thanh Tran


Supported by Thanh Tran


Parliament at Night by Thanh Tran


Sunset by Thanh Tran


Pink Highlighted Plumeria by Thanh Tran


Symbol by Thanh Tran


Temple Tower by Thanh Tran


Pink Flowering Tree by Thanh Tran


The Daffodil Bloom by Thanh Tran


Winged Petals by Thanh Tran


Lillies at Dusk by Thanh Tran


Temple Steps by Thanh Tran


Holiday Bow by Thanh Tran


Support by Thanh Tran


This Old Temple by Thanh Tran


King's Temple by Thanh Tran


Raised by Thanh Tran


Lookout by Thanh Tran


St. Paul's Cathedral by Thanh Tran


Beach Clock by Thanh Tran


Fire Escape by Thanh Tran


Guard Tower by Thanh Tran


Window by Thanh Tran